Get Harmony and Style in Every Corner with Our Textile Styling Service for Designers

Efficiency and Elegance in Every Fiber

At Loani Custom we know that every detail counts, which is why we offer a personalized decorative textile styling service, designed to assist interior designers in choosing the perfect textiles for each room or complete project.

With our expert guidance, each space you design will speak with elegance and quality.

A Touch of Distinction in Every Space

Every pattern and every color plays a crucial role in the narrative of your space.

With careful attention to detail, we transform ordinary rooms into scenes of beauty and comfort.

Un Toque de Distinción en Cada Espacio
Armonía Visual y Estética

Visual and Aesthetic Harmony

Our textile styling experts have a unique ability to combine fabrics that not only complement but enhance existing furniture and decor, ensuring visual cohesion that flows with elegance and ease.

Personalización que Habla de Usted

Personalization That Talks About You

Each project is a reflection of its creator. That’s why we are dedicated to understanding your individual needs and preferences.

From luxurious velvets to delicate linens, we select and suggest fabrics that not only meet your technical specifications but also resonate with your personal aesthetic vision.

Un Toque de Distinción en Cada Espacio
Una Experiencia de Diseño Enriquecedora

An Enriching Design Experience

We believe that the design process should be as rewarding as the end result.

Our consultancy offers an experience of collaboration and discovery, where we explore possibilities until we find the perfect solution, turning each step into a moment of creativity and enjoyment.

Resultados que Trascienden Tendencias

Results that Transcend Trends

Beyond following current trends, our focus is on creating timeless designs that remain relevant and charming over time.

Our Process:
Detailed and Personalized

Initial Consultation

We begin with an in-person or video call meeting to thoroughly understand your project and your specific needs.

This is an opportunity to make a direct connection and capture the essence of your design vision.

Send of materials

After our first meeting, we invite you to share your moodboards, renders or images of the project.

This allows us to have a complete understanding of your style and expectations for the space.

Personalized Proposal

Based on our conversation and the materials you provide us, we put together a carefully curated proposal of textiles and items that align with your vision and the needs of the project.

Approval and Budget

Once you review and approve our proposal, we proceed to prepare a detailed budget.

Additionally, we will provide you with sample hangers of the selected fabrics, included in the price, so you can experience the quality and style of the materials firsthand.

Discover the Difference that Loani Custom gives you

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